The Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (formerly NFSSC) is an exclusive community of loss prevention professionals focused on helping its members minimize losses and reduce liabilities within the restaurant and food industries, to positively impact company profitability.

We are industry leaders sharing our collective expertise, knowledge and solutions to the challenges we face every day. Our goal is to make our members more efficient and successful in their jobs by serving as the “go-to” resource for restaurant-industry loss prevention and security expertise.

As a member-run organization, we share information about industry trends and connect a network of peers who understand the unique challenges of the job, and who collaborate to find the next best solution. We create a forum for discussion and problem-solving, so that our members benefit from shared expertise. We provide professional development opportunities that are designed to meet the specific interests and concerns of restaurant- and food industry professionals, and we advocate for regulations that will make our workplaces more safe and secure.



Our mission is to educate our members on those topics that will benefit the corporations we work for by helping all of us provide a safe and secure environment for our customers and employees, to protect our companies from the erosive effects of crime on company assets and to address the public’s and government’s concern about security related issues and be an advocate for the industry.


What’s in it for You?




Each year, the Board of Directors puts goals and strategies in place to help elevate your career by, expanding your knowledge base, and provide you with even more access to resources.

We are consistently focused on creating:

  • A forum for exchange of ideas
  • Responsiveness to member needs
  • Strategic alliances with vendors and other professional organizations
  • Promotion and growth of our members and the RLPSA organization
  • A commitment to diversity
  • Value through delivery of relevant industry information and education

The RLPSA Board of Directors is committed to achieving these objectives for you, our members.

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