Webinars for food and restaurant loss prevention and security professionals. At RLPSA, we are committed to being your trusted food and restaurant loss prevention and security resource.

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To register for the upcoming member discussions or webinar series, email your full name, company name, and job title to RLPSA Executive Director, Amber Bradley at amber.bradley@rlpsa.com.

All Webinars & Member Discussions are at 1:00PM CST.

Education Webinar Series:

  • October 25 – Webinar: LPRC Partnership with RLPSA – how RLPSA members can benefit from the partnership.
    RLPSA recently partnered with the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). Join this webinar to understand the benefits to RLPSA members and how they can get involved.
  • November 8 – Webinar: Delivery Risks vs. Rewards
    Hear the expert hospitality lawyer David Donna discuss the risks of delivery from a legal aspect whether using a third party source or your own internal employees.
  • November 28 – 10AM EST – Webinar: CCTV: The difference between IP and Analog
    CCTV can often be confusing! Join RLPSA and Axis Communications in answers some CCTV 101 questions such as: How do you know what camera to use when? What is the different between IP and analog and which one do I need? Join us to sort out all the differences to help make your decision!
  • December – Webinar: RLPSA Payment Fraud Survey Results
    Kount will present its research findings in our most recent research regarding payment fraud specific to restaurants.
  • January 24 – 2 PM EST – Webinar: Cybersecurity Hats: Which one do I wear today?
    Presented by: Rhett Asher, Executive Vice President & Director, Retail Solutions and Mike Holland, our Executive Vice President, Client Relations from Fortalice Solutions, LLC.
    What can you do to protect yourself, your kids and your aging parents from cyber threats? How selecting the right hats at home translate to solid cyber practices at work.

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