Education Webinar Series and Membership Discussions:

  • July 19 at 1 p.m. EST – “Restaurant of the Future: What will your loss prevention efforts look like in the future? And when exactly is that?” Wachter will detail what’s currently available and what we can expect in the future for the “Restaurant of the Future.” All RLPSA members welcome to attend. To register email your full name, company name, job title, and email to RLPSA Executive Director Amber Bradley at amber.bradley@rlpsa.com
  • September 10 at 2 p.m. EST – “Managing Video Surveillance Across Multiple Retail Locations” presented by Andre Fontana, Camcloud. Multi-location restaurants are rapidly moving surveillance to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater scale, and improve usability of video surveillance systems. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to deploy smart, cloud-based video surveillance so simple and scalable, supporting the unique needs of multi-location restaurants. Learn best practices for modern surveillance from our existing Restaurant client(s). To register please click here.
  • December 19 at 2 p.m. – “My Convo with a Phone Scammer” Not many people get to catch the phone scammers in the act.  Chris Magana with WKS Restaurant Group, the largest franchisee for Wendy’s and El Pollo Loco among other brands, was able to follow along with the actual scam to understand how employees fall victim.  Listen and discuss with Chris as he reveals how his conversation went and what actions he took to help WKS fight these fraudsters. To register, Click Here.

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